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    1 / OUR TEAM

    A world leading team with years of pedigree behind them and factory support of 70 years experience. SOR has become the team to beat. 

     Now joined by Ben Fogle, SOR is stronger than ever, ready to break records and win races.

     SOR represents the leading sports marketing platform for its arena.

    02 /  THE BOAT

    800HP, 32ft, 3000kg and capable of 100mph, this is the SOR C237, the very latest in offshore powerboat technology.

    2 times speed record holder and the boat famous for Richard Hammond's "donut" scene on the Grand Tour. Find out more on the boat specific page. 


    At the heart of our race team is our awareness campaign. Every part of our team activities is geared towards raising awareness for Stillbirth. 


    After our Skipper; Tom Montgomery-Swan recently lost his son, the team was formed to create a platform to raise funds and awareness for Stillbirth. Each one of our partners has helped us with this campaign, to help develop the support network and equipment to aid families effected. 

    Find out more about the team